As a band, we travel a lot, especially when its members live in different countries. We'd like to share our experiences about some of the places that cater to the basic need: food.

Jing Yang, Albrechtstrasse 125, 12165 Berlin, DE

Jochen is a devoted connoisseur of genuine Chinese cuisine. Good for us, because one of the best authentic Chinese restaurants in Berlin is located just around the corner of his home: Jing Yang serves Sichuan and Hunan food (from the central and western regions of China), which basically means: tons of chili, garlic and ginger. Dishes are incredibly tasty, often pretty spicy, and help to stay healthy. Try the homemade dumplings, fried eggplant, lamb with cumin, steamed whole fish with fermented chili, and slow roasted duck. Orgasm.


Pascha Grill, Potsdamer Str. 172 10783 Berlin

The most hidden secret treasure of Berlin Food City.  Open till deep at night. Always tightly packed with food loving, mostly mid eastern looking people. The open charcoal grill in the middle of the small room does magic things to lamb kebap, kufta and fresh whole fish… We say “Oral Orgasm” again.


Thiên Trùöng, Dong Xuang Center Hall 1, Herzbergstrasse 128
10365 Berlin Lichtenberg, DE

Very good hidden favorite snack site in Berlin. The neigbourhood is kind of shabby and maybe a little explosive, but hidden behind the east block walls there is “Dong Xuan Center”, a huge Asian wholesale market and food paradise to be found the size of maybe 5-8 football fields.  Hundreds of market stands and restaurants offer all kinds of asian trash & authentic Vietnamese food.  We found Thiên Trùöng Restaurant a really good one, located at the further end of hall 1. Highly recommended when cash is low but hunger is big. Their choice of different Pho soups is amazing.


Metrodöner, Kuhligkshofstraße (underneath Metrostation Rathaus Steglitz)
12165 Berlin, DE

Our favorite snack when in Berlin. There are hundreds of döner-stands in Berlin, but this is one of the better ones.  It’s best late in the evening, unfortunately closing early around midnight. A few steps away is another döner called Bodrum, which stays open until 4am, but we recommend that one only in case of emergency.


Roti Plaza Farah, Damstraat 2, 1506BH, Zaandam, NL

Being of Surinam origin, I know what I’m talking about. This Roti place is almost as good as the legendary Roopram in Amsterdam (featured below). It seems almost unreal having such a good Roti ( a traditional Suriname dish derived from hindustan/indian immigrants) outside of Amsterdam. But then again, us Surinamese are everywhere, so…



Eethuis Marhaba, Bos & Lommerweg 143, 1055DR, Amsterdam

Oké, this one was a loser. Good ambiance in the “west” of Amsterdam if you like Moroccan scene, with good ol’ sweet mint tea and a bit too dry grilled meats.  Salad was shabby to say the least, and spoiled it for us. Not recommended!


Clandestine Bar, Berlinickestrasse 1a, 12165 Berlin, DE

“Iiiiiiiiiii need a drink! Iiiiiii need to think!”

Whoever came up with this fantastic rhyme scheme, it must have happened here.

According to certain renowned cocktail connoisseurs, Clandestine is among the best cocktail bars of Berlin. A huge choice of classic and modern cocktails, with lots of own creations.  Drinks are simply excellent. Don’t waste your time on Mojitos and Caipirinhas (although they fix them very well), but rather go for the real stuff such as Ramonda Especial (featuring a 17 year old barrel matured slivovic), a rye whiskey Brooklyn or, if you’re in a more fruity mood,  a splendid Singapore Sling.

Clandestine is a small cozy place with great staff and really good music (says us as musicians!). Can be crowded in the weekends, so making a reservation is strongly recommended.